19 July 2014

My Happy Place

I've spent my life by the water.

I grew up in a quaint town with a beautiful lake right by my house. I embraced the sea as I spent many of my summers travelling through Italy with my family and friends. And now, I find myself spending weekends up north with my significant other, boating and swimming in the fresh water by the cottage. 


My happy place has always been somewhere between the crashing waves of Calabria, Italy, and the calm serene paradise that is my home in Montreal. In the last year, I've come to love the picturesque scenery of the Laurentiens and the quiet of our "home away from home". There's something about the smell of fires burning by the cottages that gets to me.

The boy and I spent some time up there a few weekends ago and he snapped these photos of me. We basically spent all our time out on the lake catching up on lost time, drinking wine, and enjoying each others company. 

I wore this pretty salmon top from Free People, a pair of light blue linen shorts, and my new Stella McCartney sunnies. Something about the top puts me in the sailing mood... C thought I was absolutely nuts. I think it's the rope-like details... am I wrong? 

Check out the photo below... we went on a romantic sunset ride, sipped wine & had some cheese... PERFECTION. 

What's your happy place?



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