19 July 2014

My Happy Place

I've spent my life by the water.

I grew up in a quaint town with a beautiful lake right by my house. I embraced the sea as I spent many of my summers travelling through Italy with my family and friends. And now, I find myself spending weekends up north with my significant other, boating and swimming in the fresh water by the cottage. 


16 July 2014


Tonight after I got home from work, I decided to unwind and catch up on some of my favourite blogs. As most of you know, in the past year I've had very little time for my blog and ultimately let it go.  As I scrolled through my list of favourites, I stumbled upon Amy's new blog. Amy, who has been my favourite beauty blogger for the past two years, decided to create a new domain for herself and explained that her old domain did not truly reflect who she was anymore. In my mind, I commended Amy for her bold move and began to think about my own reality.
As I sat at my desk, sipping my tea, and pondering over what life has in store for me, I thought back on the past year and realized what a gigantic turn it has taken. Though I didn't intend for this post to be as personal as it's about to get, I decided, as I was writing it, that I want to let my readers in on my year of triumphs, realizations, happy times, and sad ones... here goes.