27 January 2014

Conquering the Cold

Living in a country like Canada definitely has it's ups and downs. There's nothing better than skiing the slopes of Mont Tremblant, or going to the Cabane a Sucre when the trees begin to thaw. With our favourite winter activities comes the challenge of staying warm, dry, hydrated & fabulous during the coldest of months. 

Since I'm a seasoned pro at all of the above (I'm a true born Canadian!), I thought I'd share a few tips!

18 January 2014

This Gold Thanggg... @katealbisi

Since high school, I've been a die hard BlackBerry fan. Every single time I was up for an upgrade, I'd ALWAYS get their latest & greatest phone. I'm not really certain what it was about them that I loved so much, and I sure as hell have no explanation for why I stuck around for so many years - but I did... and everyone thought I was absolutely nuts. 

A few of months ago I decided to joined the iclub. I can't say I joined because I cracked under pressure or because I truly believed that the iPhone was better. Nope... I mostly decided on the phone because it was gold... 

10 January 2014

Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

I went to North Carolina.

It was absolutely beyond gorgeous and I want to live there. Forever.

All kidding aside, I spent the most beautiful week in the sun and sand with my beau. I couldn't have asked for a better little vacation from the real world. With school and work kicking my butt, and an unexpected twist to the holiday season, I was lucky to have been able to get away before the storm rolled in.