27 October 2014

AIRZOLO - Never Travel Solo

Since I started my blog a little over two years ago, I've always loved to share my travel experiences with my audience. Today, I'm happy to share a new iPhone applications designed for travellers by travellers. The app is called Airzolo and is designed for travel savvy people who are embarking on an adventurous trip anywhere in the world.

11 September 2014

Laguna Dream

Summer vacay ended with a bang this year as C and I ventured off to discover the beauty of the East Coast. Our decision to spend a few weeks in California stemmed from a series of different events, which ultimately ended in a fabulous little break from reality. It was truly a magical place to visit. I'm so excited and happy to be able to share our experiences via allthingskma.com with my amazing readers. My next series of posts will be dedicated to our trip across the Golden State.

19 July 2014

My Happy Place

I've spent my life by the water.

I grew up in a quaint town with a beautiful lake right by my house. I embraced the sea as I spent many of my summers travelling through Italy with my family and friends. And now, I find myself spending weekends up north with my significant other, boating and swimming in the fresh water by the cottage. 


16 July 2014


Tonight after I got home from work, I decided to unwind and catch up on some of my favourite blogs. As most of you know, in the past year I've had very little time for my blog and ultimately let it go.  As I scrolled through my list of favourites, I stumbled upon Amy's new blog. Amy, who has been my favourite beauty blogger for the past two years, decided to create a new domain for herself and explained that her old domain did not truly reflect who she was anymore. In my mind, I commended Amy for her bold move and began to think about my own reality.
As I sat at my desk, sipping my tea, and pondering over what life has in store for me, I thought back on the past year and realized what a gigantic turn it has taken. Though I didn't intend for this post to be as personal as it's about to get, I decided, as I was writing it, that I want to let my readers in on my year of triumphs, realizations, happy times, and sad ones... here goes. 

03 June 2014

My New Nail Regime: D.I.Y. Gel

A few months ago I decided to hop on the D.I.Y. gel nail bandwagon, and since then I haven't looked back. I was never really one to indulge in bi-weekly manicures because I couldn't justify spending close to 100$ a month on my nails. Since I bought the Sally Hansen Gel Polish Kit I've been doing my nails every week and I can't get over the results. I painted my nails a pretty coral colour for Florida a few weeks ago and they lasted the entire 12 days. The process is relatively easy and takes about an hour to do. I'll go through the steps with y'all and talk about the cost if you keep reading...

30 May 2014

A little update...

Hi there!

I hope everyone is doing well.

These past few months have been a blur of never-ending school work, countless hours of actual work ($$$), and a couple of vacations here and there. C came home from Australia in early March and we jetted off to North Carolina to spend some quality time together. We enjoyed the beach and warm weather so much that we decided to book a trip to Miami for my birthday. C surprised me by organizing a two day getaway to the Florida Keys to celebrate my special day. We stayed at the Casa Marina Resort & Spa which was absolutely phenomenal! Everything from the beautiful beach to our private lanai was extraordinary. 

27 January 2014

Conquering the Cold

Living in a country like Canada definitely has it's ups and downs. There's nothing better than skiing the slopes of Mont Tremblant, or going to the Cabane a Sucre when the trees begin to thaw. With our favourite winter activities comes the challenge of staying warm, dry, hydrated & fabulous during the coldest of months. 

Since I'm a seasoned pro at all of the above (I'm a true born Canadian!), I thought I'd share a few tips!

18 January 2014

This Gold Thanggg... @katealbisi

Since high school, I've been a die hard BlackBerry fan. Every single time I was up for an upgrade, I'd ALWAYS get their latest & greatest phone. I'm not really certain what it was about them that I loved so much, and I sure as hell have no explanation for why I stuck around for so many years - but I did... and everyone thought I was absolutely nuts. 

A few of months ago I decided to joined the iclub. I can't say I joined because I cracked under pressure or because I truly believed that the iPhone was better. Nope... I mostly decided on the phone because it was gold... 

10 January 2014

Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

I went to North Carolina.

It was absolutely beyond gorgeous and I want to live there. Forever.

All kidding aside, I spent the most beautiful week in the sun and sand with my beau. I couldn't have asked for a better little vacation from the real world. With school and work kicking my butt, and an unexpected twist to the holiday season, I was lucky to have been able to get away before the storm rolled in.