16 August 2013

The Girl Code


There's a certain "gender code" which includes some very important spoken and unspoken rules. These rules have been on my mind for the past while, and I thought I'd share my perspective with you.  

Girlfriends are people who should have their friends' backs at all times...

So let's talk about...

✔ When your girl has food stuck in her teeth, tell her! There's nothing worse than walking around all day with a poppy seed stuck in between two front teeth. I prefer being told when something is 'off kilter'... It could potentially be saving your friend from slight embarrassment.

✔ Honesty is the best policy. Time & time again women wear outfits that don't always suit the occasion or sometimes just doesn't look good regardless of the occasion. A girl friend tells it like it is! The girl code preserves that trust.

✔ When it comes to ex-boyfriends or past romantic interests, it's NEVER okay to date that special someone she had been really into. Friends just don't do that to friends... ever.

✔ If your girl is going through a rough time - whatever that may be: a breakup, failed a huge exam, lost her job... just be there. A friend consoles, listens, and does whatever it takes to cheer her up!

✔ Always help your girlfriend bypass precarious situations. If you see your friend in need of being rescued from some jerk, do what it takes!! Make up an emergency, call her and tell her you NEED her to meet you outside... NOW! Just do something to get her out of the situation.

Handy tip: Always have a reserve of chocolate for it serves as a remedy food in any setting either good or bad!

✔ Give compliments. Girls need to say 'positive' things to each other. Helping to build on self esteem can only be reached if we learn to point out qualities we hold.

✔ Don't judge other women based on what you've heard about them. You just don't know what they've gone through until you've walked a mile in their shoes.

✔ It's okay to go to the ladies' room alone, but it's also okay to go with your friend!

If you have anything to add to 'The Girl Code',  I'd love it if you'd leave a comment and share!




  1. I love this! I agree with all of these things, but it can be hard with sensitive girls to always do the right thing:( brilliant post! I love the pics used too!:)xx

    1. Thanks doll! I agree, it definitely can get a bit tricky when it comes to someone's feelings. I think it's important to always be kind and non-judgemental when giving a friend advice.