12 August 2013

Sandals x4

As the saying goes, 'shoes are a girl's best friend'. Summer is always best when your feet are trimmed with pretty sandals. It's so wonderful to have your toes happily displayed and your heel planted flatly on a thin sole! It's only in summer that bright colours can be worn without a worry about whether or not it matches the outfit you're wearing. This summer, I bought these four pair of sandals / flip-flops. They didn't put a huge dent in my bank account, unlike winter boots, which can really cost an arm and a leg!! 

One great tip is to shop for sandals towards the end of July. Mum and I went on our quarter-yearly shopping spree and ended up in the shoe department at The Bay. These florescent Circus by Sam Edelman babies retail for $65 CAD. I snatched them up for a mere $20!  

This next pair is also by Sam Edelman. I really liked the different animal patterns and textures. The snake part is scaly and the cheetah straps feel like horse hair - but it's not... obviously. I picked these ones up on sale for $25 CAD.

This pair of Tory Burch flip-flops was a bit of a splurge at $130 USD. I got them while I was vacationing in Florida. I originally wanted to get the Tory Burch jelly flip-flops, but when I tried them on I wasn't crazy about them and just couldn't justify the $60 USD price tag. Since I had wanted a new leather pair of sandals, I opted to get the more expensive pair of Tory Burch ones and bought a less expensive pair of jelly ones for the beach. 

My Havaianas flip flops were C's pick. At $28 USD, I couldn't go wrong. They were exactly what I needed for the beach... plus I wasn't worried about ruining them in the sand. I think it's important to have a cute pair of rubber flip-flops for those times when you don't want to ruin your more expensive leather ones. It's funny, I find myself wearing these way more often than my Tory Burch ones! 

I'm curious to hear about your sandal finds of the season!



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