16 August 2013

The Girl Code


There's a certain "gender code" which includes some very important spoken and unspoken rules. These rules have been on my mind for the past while, and I thought I'd share my perspective with you.  

Girlfriends are people who should have their friends' backs at all times...

So let's talk about...

13 August 2013

Summer Bucket List

40 days left of summer...

Where has it gone? 

This is the first summer in a number of years that I didn't spend in Europe. I spent part of my morning looking over some of last summer's posts and reminisced the days under the Tuscan sun (haha!). When school ended in April I felt an overwhelming sense of relief. For almost a month after graduation, I was a walking zombie. Damn it, I never slept so much in my life. Once I woke up from that stupor, it had sunk in that I had reached a milestone and was now embarking on a fresh new chapter in my life. 

12 August 2013

Sandals x4

As the saying goes, 'shoes are a girl's best friend'. Summer is always best when your feet are trimmed with pretty sandals. It's so wonderful to have your toes happily displayed and your heel planted flatly on a thin sole! It's only in summer that bright colours can be worn without a worry about whether or not it matches the outfit you're wearing. This summer, I bought these four pair of sandals / flip-flops. They didn't put a huge dent in my bank account, unlike winter boots, which can really cost an arm and a leg!!