15 July 2013

Rough Days Don't Count

Rough days...

...we all have them. 

Mine started last night and followed me through the early hours of the morning. Unable to sleep, I got a hold of one of my best girlfriends and decided to get together in the morning for brunch & a serious vent-sesh. 

Whether you're fighting with your significant other, missing someone terribly, dealing with a loss, or just having 'one of those days', we all need little 'pick-me-ups' sometimes. Today was the ultimate pick-me-up day for me, so I thought I'd share some of the things that usually make me feel better. 

1. Girl Time: It's important to have a few girlfriends in your life that you can share pretty much anything with. MC and I met up for brunch this morning and it was seriously the best to be able to talk about everything & nothing for a few hours. 

2. Retail Therapy: Whoever said that money can't buy you happiness was actually out of their mind. New things make me happy. Holt Renfrew & The Bay make me SO happy. When I'm upset, shopping brings me a little bit of joy! Money CAN buy momentary happiness! Sometimes, that's all you need. 

3. Happy Colours: I opened my closet and picked out the happiest colours I own... and wore them all together! (who does that?!) Well, bright colours make me smile, so bright colours it was!

4. Sunglasses: Sunglasses inside. Sunglasses outside. Sunglasses everywhere. There is nothing in the entire world that hides my sleep deprived, bloodshot eyes better than a good dark pair of sunnies.

5. Ice cream & Chocolate: Self explanatory. 

6. Power Naps: Just sleep it off. You're upset? Sleep it off! Chances are, when you wake up you'll feel so much better - and you'll be able to think more clearly, too. Clear mind = better problem solving skills.

7. Plan a Trip: If getting out of the city and away from everything and everyone is an option for you, do it! I'm heading up to Tremblant tomorrow for some fresh air and a little bit of down time. A change of scenery is always fun. Sunshine and sangria certainly don't hurt either ;)

Dittos Yellow Denim Shorts
Dex Polkadot Top
Michael Kors Hamilton Tote
Tory Burch Flip-flops
Cole Haan Sunnies

Hope you all had a beautiful day.



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  1. Loved this post!

    Ice cream & chocolate solve everything :)

    Amy Georgette xxx