31 July 2013

Friendship Bracelets

There's something so intriguing about friendship bracelets. From a young age, we learn how to make them. As we get older, we begin exchanging them with our favourite girlfriends. When we hit our 20s we bring them back from our trips around the world as souvenirs for our loved ones. They serve as more than just an accessory, and often symbolize friendship and remind us of different people and moments in our lives. 

My bracelets come from different places around the world, and each have a different story. The orange, purple and gold one comes from Florence, Italy. K and I got these on one of our first nights in the city, and didn't take them off all summer. The blue one was a gift from a friend who studied in Spain for a semester. The red one is my latest edition... my brother and his girlfriend brought it back from the Dominican Republic. The last fuschia and turquoise one is probably one of my favourites. My little cousin Giuliana and I made matching ones during our trip to Tremblant in the winter. 

What are the stories behind your friendship bracelets?




  1. How pretty... I already forgot how to make them...

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  2. Wow it's so amazing and wonderful friendship bracelets i like to see that thanks for sharing!

  3. I always love making friendship bracelets everyone made fun of me for not being just like them but when I made a friendship bracelet I knew who I was because not every bracelet has to be the same just like i don't have to be the same as every one else so know don't be like someone just so they will like you