17 July 2013

Bahia Honda & Key West

July 4th was definitely one of the most memorable days of my summer so far. My friend and I spent the morning at Bahia Honda State Park, then headed over to Key West for the rest of the day. The drive from Hollywood to the Keys of Florida was long, but super enjoyable and well worth it! With loads to talk about, and breathtaking views along the way, we certainly weren't bored! We even saw Fiat 500s driving through the harbour and boats driving on the streets! It was awesome!

Bahia Honda is an island in the lower Florida Keys and has the most beautiful white sand and Caribbean blue waters I've ever seen! It's no wonder it was awarded best beach in America in 1992. Surprisingly, the beach didn't have very many people on it. We were able to find a secluded area that was just perfect for our morning of sunshine and fun! 

The water was insanely warm and we were able to walk out into the ocean for what seemed like a mile, with the water barely reaching out waists! It was really something!

We spent the rest of our day in Key West, doing the usual 4th of July things. Exploring Key West, with a pistachio ice cream in hand, was beyond perfect. There were so many little shops to visit, so many different types of people, and SO much to do! We probably could have spent an entire week there and not have been bored. 

My favourite part of this beautiful day was spending the evening at the stunning Waldorf Astoria Hotel. The hotel hosted a wonderful 4th of July event. Guests were able to drink, eat, swim, participate in various activities, and watch the fireworks from the private peer. Apparently the Waldorf Key West has one of the best firework shows on the east coast... the show was certainly one of the best I've ever seen! American Patriotism is unlike anything I've ever seen. It's so nice to see such proud people! 

It was really great to be able to unwind on one of their amazing beach beds and just take in the view after a long day of touring. The Keys are insanely beautiful! If any of you are headed to Florida, I'd highly recommend visiting Bahia Honda and Key West! 




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