06 June 2013

Hangout of the year: UNIVERSEL

No matter what the occasion, Universel always manages to be the perfect rendez-vous place! Can you believe that in the last week alone, I have been there three times? I had an enchanting morning with C, a great debrief with E, and an emotional good-bye with S, each time the venue suited the purpose. 

I first discovered this Montreal gem last winter, when my bumblebee BFF and I decided we wanted to try out a new place for brunch. 'I heard Universel is pretty good', said K... Located at 2055 Rue Peel, right next to McGill, we decided that the location was too good to pass up! 

Since that cold winter morning, about six months ago, Universel has become my go-to restaurant for brunch. I'm there at least twice a week and I've literally recommended it to every single one of my friends! I figured it was about time I shared it on the blog too...

Let's talk about the food... The breakfast menu boasts an impressive array of eggs, crepes, waffles, omelettes, french toast, specialty drinks, among many other things! I've tried a number of dishes and I have not once been disappointed! My all time favourite are the nutella-banana-strawberry crepes! They are absolutely TO DIE FOR! My mouth is watering as I write this! 

The lunch menu is equally as impressive with an assortment of seafoods, meats, salads, sandwiches & burgers, pizzas, and more! I personally can't get enough of their fried calamari!

The decor and ambiance of the restaurant are as impeccable as the food! With gorgeous lighting and an ultra-modern feel, this restaurant is the place for anything from an intimate date to a big going away party! 

Oh, and did I mention the prices are UNREAL?!  (a.k.a affordable!)

I can't end this write-up if I don't mention the fabulous service. The waiters are super nice; they make you feel welcome & special. If they like what you're wearing, they may even comment on how well you're dressed. :)

I Just can't get enough. For more, check out their website here!



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