07 June 2013

1 Year Blogiversary

Last year at this time, I had embarked on a whirl-wind trip through the homeland of my ancestors, Italy. It was the beginning of a new found independence, as well as the beginning of allthingskma.com. In many ways, I have been able to put words to different life events, and document them for a group of known and unknown readers to enjoy. At first, the mission was the simple telling of a story, which later became a critique of products, places, and things, and now it has evolved to mean much more. 

Blogging is a forum that allows us to express our thoughts in a creative way. Initially, I wrote for me, without a true understanding of my audience. Later, I realized that what I write can influence my readers, either positively or negatively- depending on the subject. I am much more sensitive to this revelation than I have ever been. That said, I'd like to first and foremost thank my readers, who include friends, family, and people from around the world whom I have never met. When I look at my stats, I see that my readers span the continents with a large base in Canada, the US, France, China, and the UK. Globally, we share a lot more in common than we realize. Young women my age, pretty much like a lot of the same things. It's great to connect and to get different perspectives. 

These are the links to a few of my favourite posts from the past year:

Thanks a bunch for reading and supporting allthingskma.com!

Love you all!



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  1. Congratulations! I have been enjoying your blog since the very start. Your posts are tasteful & classy.
    Blogging takes quite a lot of discipline. Good work & thanks for sharing with us!