28 June 2013

Beach Vaca - The Packing Challenge

Hello from beautiful Florida! I meant to post this before I left but I totally forgot until today! I'm going to keep it brief because I'm about to head out to the beach. I just wanted to share some of the things I brought with me on this trip. 

18 June 2013

The Undergraduate

3 years, 1,095 days, 26,280 hours, 1,576,800 minutes. A process that cultivates perseverance and puts into question where this will all lead. An undergraduate degree. 

Last Tuesday was a momentous moment in my life. As I sat in the humongous Wilfred-Pelletier Hall at Place des Arts, surrounded by about 800 graduates and their families, waiting for my name to be called, I thought back on the past three years. Back to my first university class in the FG building on St. Catherine's street Ouest... 'where the eff is that!?' I thought about Sara Terreault and Penny Pastermajian, the two teachers who encouraged the notion that books do not always give us the practical knowledge that life does- that there is more to school than memorizing facts and formulas.  I thought about the people I've met, and the lessons I've learned. As Romeo Dallaire gave his speech, I thought about the greatness I've witnessed. I thought about my own triumphs and inevitably, the challenges I've overcome. I thought about my city, Montreal, and how lucky I was to be able to study in such a diverse and culturally enriching environment. As I walked across the stage, the fondest of all my university memories came rushing back to me. My time spent abroad - studying in the beautiful city of Florence. Perhaps it was the wine, or the constant sunshine and endless summer nights that influenced me, but it was Florence that taught me the truest lesson of them all. There, I learned that life is meant to be lived and that school comes as a close second to the lessons that life teaches you.  

In retrospect, my university degree is far more than a piece of paper attesting to my specialization. My degree is a cumulation of experiences and  life lessons that will lead me into the future, with new-found meaning, and new perspectives.   

07 June 2013

1 Year Blogiversary

Last year at this time, I had embarked on a whirl-wind trip through the homeland of my ancestors, Italy. It was the beginning of a new found independence, as well as the beginning of allthingskma.com. In many ways, I have been able to put words to different life events, and document them for a group of known and unknown readers to enjoy. At first, the mission was the simple telling of a story, which later became a critique of products, places, and things, and now it has evolved to mean much more. 

06 June 2013

Hangout of the year: UNIVERSEL

No matter what the occasion, Universel always manages to be the perfect rendez-vous place! Can you believe that in the last week alone, I have been there three times? I had an enchanting morning with C, a great debrief with E, and an emotional good-bye with S, each time the venue suited the purpose. 

I first discovered this Montreal gem last winter, when my bumblebee BFF and I decided we wanted to try out a new place for brunch. 'I heard Universel is pretty good', said K... Located at 2055 Rue Peel, right next to McGill, we decided that the location was too good to pass up! 

Since that cold winter morning, about six months ago, Universel has become my go-to restaurant for brunch. I'm there at least twice a week and I've literally recommended it to every single one of my friends! I figured it was about time I shared it on the blog too...