16 May 2013

BA STAR Natural Shadow Palette Review

Last week, BA Star sent me their Natural Shadow Palette to review. BA Star is one of the leading makeup companies for dancers and cheerleaders in North America. Having spent a considerable amount of my time in the performing arts during high school, I was excited when I was chosen to try this palette out. 

The Natural Shadow Palette contains three mineral shadows and two gel glitter shadows and retails for $8.75, which in my opinion, is reasonably priced, considering the size of the palette. 

Of the five shades, my favourites were the mineral shadows because of their wearability and smooth texture. 

The swatches below are of the 'Cocoa', 'Bronze', and 'Nude' mineral shades. I really liked the nude colour for everyday wear. The Cocoa is beautiful for creating more of an evening look. 

Cocoa, Bronze, Nude
The glitter shadows were a different story. I wasn't too fond of the rough texture, but can understand why BA Star would include these in their palette. Having some experience with stage makeup, I know that thicker textures make a huge difference from the audience's point of view. The sparkles are not something that I would wear on an ordinary day; however, if you want to achieve a dramatic effect, I think they're great! 

Crystal & Gold Glitter Gels
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