16 May 2013

BA STAR Natural Shadow Palette Review

Last week, BA Star sent me their Natural Shadow Palette to review. BA Star is one of the leading makeup companies for dancers and cheerleaders in North America. Having spent a considerable amount of my time in the performing arts during high school, I was excited when I was chosen to try this palette out. 

The Natural Shadow Palette contains three mineral shadows and two gel glitter shadows and retails for $8.75, which in my opinion, is reasonably priced, considering the size of the palette. 

15 May 2013

I wish I may, I wish I might

From the moment the clock struck 12 until the day ended, I was showered with unforgettable acts of love and kindness from family and friends, near and far. The surprises came when I least expected them and each birthday wish made me feel so special. 

06 May 2013

Round Two

Yesterday my family and I joined E's family to celebrate Orthodox Easter. It was refreshing to learn about the Greek Orthodox traditions and to share their happiness on this special occasion. We ate a ton of food, talked to no end, blew bubbles in the back yard, and played the traditional Easter 'egg' game.