07 April 2013

Watch This

Santa (a.k.a. mom & dad) got me this beautiful limited edition Michael Kors watch for Christmas last year! I've never paid it proper homage on my blog, so here it is! Isn't it the most perfect colour?! I have a two tone silver and gold watch, but it just doesn't compare to this beauty!  The brown metallic colour isn't typical of Michael Kors, so I always get tons of compliments on it... and for good reason!

The other hand in this post belongs to one of my best friends. Her name is Katherine, so anyone who knows us, call her Twin 2 & me, Twin 1. Her watch was purchased on our trip to Italy this past summer! She's got some serious euro-swag! My twin is currently studying in Australia until July, so before she left I got us these adorable friendship bracelets! Hers has an evil eye and mine has a hamsa hand.