21 April 2013

The Little Pink Dress

Every girl probably has an item of clothing hanging in her closet that is both her best friend and her worst enemy. For me, it is a pink Dolce & Gabbana dress that my parents bought me in Italy a few years ago. The first time I wore it, it was for M's 40th birthday bash. It was hell getting it on, only because I was feeling really bloated that day. M made me do exercises in the dress so that it would stretch a little. It kind of worked...

Then, I brought it to be dry-cleaned only to realize that I could not even get the zipper half way up. It shrunk about two dress sizes! To make a sad story worse, the guilt of only sporting it once, consumed my conscience!!  Seemingly, I lost a little weight during the time I was studying for my final exams, so when I tried it on right before Giuliana's special day, it fit! HALLELUJAH !

I won't lie; it felt snug, but the zipper zipped, so I wore it... for a second time. I jazzed it up with a skinny leather belt, a quilted leather jacket, and my favourite Italian pumps. The innocence of the soft pink colour was diffused by the rocker-chic accessories. 

Dolce & Gabbana - Silk Dress
Vero Moda - Leather Jacket
Event Shoes - Pumps
Nine West - Clutch

Because Dolce & Gabbana's price point is high end, it's really important to think about your purchase before making it. So far, I got two wears out of this dress. Based on what it cost, it is still a lot of money to have only worn it twice (but it's better than once...right?). Everybody likes nice things; still, both practicality and feasibility are things to think about.

The design of this dress is timeless. The shape is classic and feminine and will not go out of style... ever. It's a dress that you never tire of; for this reason, it is like a girl's best friend. It can, however, be your worst enemy because there is zero room for any kind of weight change. In my experience, European sizes, and especially Italian designers, make their clothing so small that it's almost always necessary to go up a dress size.  I'll discuss sizing in another blog entry - too much mathematics to get into this topic right now....




  1. The dress is amazing :-) the color , the shape, it is timeless and you look stunning in it , big like :-)

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      Coline ♡

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