06 April 2013

SuWu Montreal - A Must Try!

Zach Macklovitch and Nathan Gannage graciously hosted the grand opening of their new restaurant on Wednesday, SuWu (located at 3581 St. Laurent), in Montreal. The place was buzzing with media & socialites, and it's no doubt that everyone was impressed by the fabulous food, drinks and old-school hip-hop vibe. The restaurant boasts a vintage meets urban decor and is set up with quaint tables and lounge areas throughout. 

SuWu's menu consists of some Montreal favourites, including poutine with home cut fries and homemade gravy, grilled cheese mac and cheese sandwiches, pogos, tacos, dumplings, ribs, salads, and much more! I tasted the grilled cheese mac and cheese sandwich and it was oddly delicious! Of all the items on the menu, that was the one I was most curious about - so I'm glad I got to try it out!

The drinks were equally as fabulous and had really interesting names to match! Among my favourites were the Big Booty Ho and the Wu-Tang. 

I attended the opening with one of my best friends, Ayumi. Throughout the night we met some pretty interesting people, including the lovely Patricia from Versass, the stunning Marta from With Love Gabrielle, and a few others who wished to remain anonymous. 

SuWu is a fabulous place to eat and drink among friends, and an even better place to meet new people! I'm looking forward to going back in the coming weeks to try their other dishes! 

Zach & Myself - It took us about 6 tries to get a semi-decent photo together! He's hilarious...
Before I sign off, I just want to mention how absolutely charming and welcoming the owners of SuWu were. They greeted each and every person on Wednesday night, and to me that showed the utmost display of excellent customer service.

Image courtesy of www.suwumontreal.com
For more on SuWu, check out their Website,  Facebook, & Twitter.

Thanks a bunch to Jillian for the invite! 





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