18 April 2013

It's finally over.

Allow me to introduce you to a side of me that you have never seen before! This is me in 'studying for finals' mode!!! With exams behind me, and an undergraduate degree under my belt, I''m officially back to blogging... and will never use the 'I have to study' excuse again! WOOHOO! 

Seriously though, you'd think finals are killing you? THIS is what I looked like this morning at 5 am... after spending my waking (and sleeping) hours with my head in my books, literally! Hot, I know. Two bottles of Powerade and about six coffees later, I wrote my Financial Management exam... it's finally over. 

Anyway, I just wanted to wish all my student readers the best luck EVER on their finals! Tie your hair up, put on some chapstick, buy yourself a coffee, and kick some butt! You can do it!




  1. Thats how I look like now! haha finals for me are next week, but its seriously tiring and I haven't blogged in a couple of days now because of it!

    Simple Charm Beauty

    1. Good luck, girl! I'm sure you'll do amazing!