01 April 2013


Hi there!

I hope everyone had a beautiful Easter. 

This year, I spent the Holiday with my entire family (all 35 of us!) at my Fairy Godmother's house. The event was especially important because we not only celebrated Easter but also my Grandparents' 70th wedding anniversary! Yes... 70 years of devotion for one another & above all, devotion for the family they built together! 

Nanna and Nu are not your ordinary couple! You'd think they'd be slowing down a little since they're well into their late 80s... but they're not!!! They keep on planning trips to Calabria, renovating their homes (here & there),  and making sure they can participate in as many holidays and family events as possible. They just 'never' give up even when obstacles get in the way. 

The photos in this post are inspired by the renewal that spring brings us every year, marked by our Christian Holiday, Easter. I've mentioned E, Giuliana, and my Fairy Godmother in some past entries. Here is a picture of Giuliana and me. She's a doll! 

This is my Grandmother, Caterina. After having eight grandsons, giving her an amazing opportunity to say she had a 'granddaughter',  the namesake, Katherine was fitting. 

In this picture, allow me to introduce a very special woman in my life. She has been a constant inspiration to me from the moment I was born. She never lets me down. As I think about all the different times we spent together, I am warmed by her kind and nurturing personality. I have a lot of marked memories of our time together; the most hilarious is when we went to a 3D animation 'It's Tough to be a Bug' at Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida. We've never laughed so hard in our lives! The best thing about our relationship is our brutal attempt at being exactly 'who we are' with no pretense (wash your hair!).  She is my Fairy Godmother!