26 March 2013

Spring Cleaning 101

When we moved into the new house a little over ten years ago, I was way too happy with my new bedroom and washroom to notice the little things... like not having a light in my closet. Ten+ years later, I decided that my closet needed some TLC, so I went out on a mission to make it happen.

"Dad! I'm going out to buy new hangers!" I said, as he sat at the kitchen table with my cousin's husband having an espresso.

Little did he know he'd be spending the rest of his afternoon in my closet installing lights, shelves, and racks! 

Since my closet is now newly re-done, I thought it would be the perfect time to post a spring cleaning 101 and share a few of my tips with you all! Through about seven hours of trial and error, I've come up with a few pointers that I'll certainly be sticking with for future closet overhauls. 

Here goes...

Start your seasonal closet cleaning in the morning or early afternoon! You don't want to be up passed midnight sorting out your clothes because you started too late. I like to take everything out of my closet, remove the hangers, and put everything on my bed. 

Take a hanger inventory. It's really important to have good hangers so that your clothes stay new looking and undamaged. It's happened far too many times where my clothes have fallen off their hangers and found a new home on the bottom of my closet. When I find them, sometimes months later, they're wrinkled, dusty, and totally unwearable. Wire hangers and even plastic ones sometimes have sharp edges, so it's really important not to put delicate fabrics like silk and chiffon on them. I recommend wooden hangers. I picked up a packs of five for $4 each at Walmart. A variety of different kinds of hangers is also crucial to having a well functioning closet. Buy different ones for skirts, etc.   

Hang your clothes by category. Pants with pants, tops with tops, dresses with dresses, skirts with skirts. It makes life much simpler when you're looking for things! I like to keep my more expensive pieces - winter jackets & some dresses - in garment bags. While you're hanging all your clothes, decide what you want to keep, and what you're ready to part with. Think- if you haven't worn it in the last year, do you really need it?

Keep your accessories where you can see them. My motto is, if you can't see it you won't wear it. I put my purses, wallets, scarves, and sunglasses on shelves in plain view. Same thing goes for shoes. I used to keep all my shoes in their boxes, but I found that I was forgetting what I owned and would end up going out to buy new things without realize that I already had something similar.  

Keep your more delicate stuff in boxes. I keep my mum's bull horn clutches in one of my boxes because they break super easily. In the others, I keep inexpensive jewellery.  

Buy a closet freshener. There's lots of stuff in my closet so I like to keep it smelling clean and fresh with a mild air freshener. Before I put my shoes in, I always clean them and spray them with Hush Puppies brand odour eliminator. 

Finally, keep up a routine! Once a month, open up your closet and make sure everything is where it's supposed to be. Every season, take everything out, and decide what you want to keep and what you want to give away. 

Have you done your spring cleaning yet?




  1. Love your big closes - I also need to do some spring cleaning ;)


  2. Tenemos una sorpresita para ti en nuestro blog ;) Pasate y veras!