10 March 2013

Mont Tremblant Part 1 - Country Livin'

We spent spring break weekend at a huge ranch up North. My cousins on my mom's side organize an annual weekend getaway, where the goal is to unite all 27 of the "kids" and spend three days together (without killing each other). This year was the first my brother and I attended. It was interesting to spend time with my cousins and their families. Mostly, I liked spending time with the little ones. They are truly the precious ones because they are so pure and non-judgemental. Giuliana, the oldest of the kids, is so sweet; I loved making friendship bracelets with her and the other girls too.  It brought back a lot of memories; making crafts was a favourite pastime of mine when I was their age.

The ambiance at the ranch was true to the natural habitat around. There were a ton of antiques from room to room and six fireplaces all told. My 'smores' experience  on the second night, wasn't quite what I was hoping for - for various reasons, which I won't get into right now...  

The outdoor life was superb! Not only was the weather amazing, but take a look at these beauties! The horses have a majestic appearance that makes you want to ride. Their gentle nature put things into perspective. E has a beaming smile in this picture. 

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Roots Sweats

I loved the great wide hearth the most. It reminds me of winters spent in Italy. The smell and sound of wood burning is so relaxing.  Wish I could have spent more time in front of it!

This was my room. I can't say that I slept well. Nobody believed me that there was a bee in my room! What's a bee doing buzzing around in early March anyway? Aren't they supposed to be hibernating still?!

My girls... they made this weekend worth my while! 



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