26 March 2013

Spring Cleaning 101

When we moved into the new house a little over ten years ago, I was way too happy with my new bedroom and washroom to notice the little things... like not having a light in my closet. Ten+ years later, I decided that my closet needed some TLC, so I went out on a mission to make it happen.

"Dad! I'm going out to buy new hangers!" I said, as he sat at the kitchen table with my cousin's husband having an espresso.

Little did he know he'd be spending the rest of his afternoon in my closet installing lights, shelves, and racks! 

20 March 2013

The sun must set to rise

Welcome to spring! It's the season when everything comes back to life after a sleepy winter. The sun peeps up early and beams through giving us sleepy heads the right amount of light to start a new day. I really love this season because it reminds me of lilac trees, rain, Easter, and above all, longer days. In the Persian culture, the first day of spring is also celebrated as the first day of their New Year. It is called, Nowrūz.  It's actually a great idea if you think about it. Spring is a season of new beginnings. Happy New Year! 

17 March 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

My best friend and I were never big fans of St. Patrick's day before last year. When we found out that McGill hosts a yearly event in honour of the Saint, we decided to give it a shot... what did we have to lose, right? We dressed in green, stuck stickers and bows all over ourselves and ventured off into the unknown world of green beer and leprechauns. 

It was probably one of the funnest nights we've had together.

12 March 2013

Mont Tremblant Part 2 - Village Lovin'

During our weekend away, my brother, E, and I also spent a couple of half days in Tremblant Village. On Sunday afternoon, after the cousins packed up and left, we decided to head out and enjoy the village by taking gondola rides up and down the mountain and indulging in a bit of (overpriced) shopping. It was truly spectacular to be able to see the little city from above. I love the vibrantly coloured condos so much... they reminded me a bit of Cinque Terre. The Roots store in the village is probably the best I've seen as of yet! They had so many cool things. I just couldn't help myself! E and I got sweaters, pink ski socks and lavender candles!

10 March 2013

Mont Tremblant Part 1 - Country Livin'

We spent spring break weekend at a huge ranch up North. My cousins on my mom's side organize an annual weekend getaway, where the goal is to unite all 27 of the "kids" and spend three days together (without killing each other). This year was the first my brother and I attended. It was interesting to spend time with my cousins and their families. Mostly, I liked spending time with the little ones. They are truly the precious ones because they are so pure and non-judgemental. Giuliana, the oldest of the kids, is so sweet; I loved making friendship bracelets with her and the other girls too.  It brought back a lot of memories; making crafts was a favourite pastime of mine when I was their age.

09 March 2013

Update from Mont Tremblant

Just a quick update to show you guys a few pictures before we head out to do some skating! It's so beautiful here and the weather is super nice! Couldn't have picked a better weekend to come up!

Spending lots of quality time with the family. Woke up early this morning, made bracelets with the littles, went tobogganing, and took a mini power nap. 

These photos were taken yesterday right after we arrived. 

07 March 2013

Packing for a weekend getaway

It's funny...

You'd think by now I'd be a seasoned packer and have no trouble deciding what to bring along with me when I go away. Truth is, I dislike packing SO MUCH that I almost always leave it to the day of my departure. I'd rather go to the dentist... or eat an entire tomato (which pretty much tops my list of things I hate!) than pack.

Tomorrow I leave on a three day getaway to Mont Tremblant with the cousins. I'm on my game this time, and I actually packed a day in advance! It surprisingly wasn't so bad...

Here's what I'm bringing: 

05 March 2013

Chic me.

Hello gorgeous ladies!

I've been meaning to sign up for Chicisimo for the past few months but never got around to doing it. For those of you who don't know, chicisimo.com is a platform where anyone can share their personal style, inspire people, and be inspired! I'm really loving the site so far!