09 February 2013

Montreal Fashion Week 24: Highs and Lows

As Montreal Fashion Week came to an end, I thought about my week and how absolutely blessed I was to have been able to attend such an awesome event. In retrospect, I realize that as much as I enjoyed having the opportunity to sit in the front row and observe the designers upcoming collections, it was the environment and meeting new people with similar interests as me that I loved most. 

While Melissa Nepton and Ralph Leroy's Fall/Winter 2013 collections certainly rocked the runway, there were a couple of collections that definitely left me confused and somewhat disappointed. MFW24 certainly had it's highs and lows and I've been dying to share them with you! 

Here goes!

Melissa Nepton's edgy collection was hands down my favourite. Her classic pieces each had a twist and there wasn't a single one that I couldn't see myself wearing! Wearable fashion, to me, is what's most important, and Nepton went above and beyond with her upcoming collection. 

Ralph Leroy's definitely came in close second. His gorgeous dresses and tailored suits were so different and well crafted. I left the show feeling like I needed to start being more daring with my clothing choices. The performance after the show was probably the most joyful moment of the entire week, too. Big plus for Leroy. 

Annie 50

I also really enjoyed Annie 50's timeless pieces. Her models were gorgeous and wore her collection so well, too. Her line included beautifully fitted clothing in stunning rich colours. Once again, I wanted everything. 

Finally,  Nisse rocked the designer studio with beautiful red coats and of course, Nadya Toto surprised us by incorporating florals into her fall/winter collection. 


Nadya Toto

My least favourite collections were Pedram Karimi and Hinda. Both collections left me confused and quite frankly, bewildered. At Pedram Karimi's show, models strutted down the runway looking like wannabe superheros, wearing clothes that resembled my little brother's halloween costumes.

Hinda's collection featured frumpy silhouettes and god awful colours. You know that saying "blue and green should never be seen except for in the washing machine"? Well I feel like the same should be said about magenta and violet. 

Just. No. 

Pedram Karimi


Overall, Montreal Fashion Week was a huge success, and I will hold on to a lot of good memories of it. Squeezing in four days of shows, while keeping up with school work wasn't easy, but it was well worth it.  I am really happy that Montreal is stepping up to the plate in making our city as important as Milan, Paris or New York. We need to applaud this new self perception and embrace it dearly.



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  1. Love Annie 50's designs - they're so chic and wearable - and that Nisse coat - just stunning!
    Congrats on a great fashion week!

    Kate xo petite-adventures.blogspot.ca