13 February 2013

Get Fresh Faced and FABULOUS with Korres

When E came back from her summer vacation in Greece two years ago, she talked about a product she had stumbled upon by a Greek company called 'Korres'. Some time later, I received a gift package with a Korres Lip Butter, and that's when the romance began. 

I have always known that skin care is by far the most important aspect of maintaining long-lasting beauty. You could wear a ton of makeup, but at the end of the day, if the skin that it is applied on is not treated well, it will suffer. I'm a strong believer in investing in gentle and natural skincare products and starting good skincare habits at a very young age. When choosing a cream, it is important to learn about the philosophy of the creator. By this, I mean that the ingredients chosen must have passed the test of time. There is nothing synthetic about Korres, which is why I trust it and endorse it completely. 

I started using one of their many skincare lines over the Christmas holidays and it has been a pleasure to keep up the routine until now.

The Milk Proteins Foaming Cream Cleanser is really gentle, doesn't have a strong smell and most importantly, doesn't leave my skin feeling tight. Usually the cleansers are the first to finish, but my 5.07oz tube is still more than half full. A small amount goes a long way. The same can be said about the soothing gel, which is an interesting texture because it's not really a cream unlike most other products. One of the perks when applying the gel on the face and neck is the cool sensation it leaves. It's almost as though the pores are filled and it protects your skin from the harsh environmental elements that we are exposed to. 

While most face creams come in jars, Korres Yoghurt Instant Soothing Gel does not. The tube is a smart idea because the cream does not get exposed each time you open it, and it stays cleaner because you don't stick your fingers into it each time you use it. 

The Yoghurt Body Butter is probably one of the thickest creams I have ever owned. For my skin type, I appreciate this cream mostly in the winter, but even then, I have never been one to use body cream religiously, regardless of the brand. I am confident that Korres has sound ingredients in their body butter, but I can't always be bothered to put it on at this point in time. Nobody's perfect! 

If you are interested in Korres products you can consult their website here for more information. In Canada, I know that they are available for purchase at Shoppers Drug Mart and Sephora. Like most skincare products, Korres prices are comparable. Remember, your skin is the largest organ on your body; don't cheap out on it!




  1. This brand seems to have nice products!


    1. Korres products are absolutely outstanding! If you're in the market for new skincare products you should definitely consider giving them a try!


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