06 February 2013

Défilé Automne / Hiver: Ralph Leroy


... are the only words that come to mind after seeing Ralph Leroy's unbelievable show last night, entitled "Kenscoff". The mix of fashion and dance certainly made for an unforgettable one. As I sat in the front row alongside a surprising guest (Will Smith!) I thought to myself 'this is my scene'. Leroy's whimsical show included everything from beautiful fairy-like dresses to tailored suits. 

"Ralph Leroy plays with the color of metals, such as bronze, copper, silver and platinum, accented with his usual strong colors, while using fine materials such as leather, suede, silk and wool. He manipulates these pieces masterfully with skill and creativity." The models evoked an amazing presence and beauty, which brought each of the Leroy's designs to a whole new level. The dresses in these pictures, for example, flowed so graciously with every step they took. I have to mention that the music selection was profound  and created an unprecedented atmosphere for the audience. 

"These combined creations along with sisal straw and coconut fibers from Haiti empowers women with structure and grace while offering a robust style for men that is elegant and seductive. 

“Kenscoff" is for Ralph Leroy a non-stop, round trip between Montreal and Haiti."

What struck me the most about Leroy's show besides his obviously beautiful line was his love for his country and how he themed his entire show around that. Bravo, Ralph Leroy! You have made your countries Haiti and Canada very proud.

To everyone's surprise, the finale of the runway show was not only joyful but also very entertaining. I am including a short video of the dancers that performed for us. The audience was delighted by the upbeat genre of music and dance. Of all the shows that I went to so far, Leroy's was by far the most entertaining and successful in leaving us with inspiration for fashion and creation. The standing ovation coupled with big smiles on peoples' faces cannot be dismissed.



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