20 January 2013

Winter 2013: Montreal's Igloofest

For the first time ever, I had the pleasure of attending one of Montreal's biggest winter parties. Igloofest is an outdoor party hosted in the old port of Montreal. The event boasts performances by some of the best local and international artists in the electronic scene. The visual ambiance is definitely one not to miss, with it's 'ice-and-steel' decor, one can expect igloo-like structures, sculptures, and much much more. My favourite part of the entire event were the fire pits conveniently located throughout the venue where guests were invited to roast marshmallows!

I spent the evening sipping Tia-Maria hot chocolate with some of my favourite people in the entire world: my brother, his girlfriend, and the original NSP crew - M & A. We decided to go on the first weekend of the event so it was pretty quiet and chill (no pun intended!), but supposedly the last weekend is absolutely crazy!

If any of my Montreal readers are interested in attending this event, it's on for the next three weekends! You can check out the full schedule and details here!

Montreal really is a city full of character, charm and energy, and Igloofest is definitely a great example of what it has to offer. Seeing people come together over a mutual love for electronic music and the outdoors, combined with funky winter apparel, really is something to see. 

Before venturing off into the world of Igloofest, we made sure to bundle up (red christmas socks and all)! I kept warm in my knit sweater, jeans with tights underneath, fuzzy red socks, Parajumpers Parka and Adirondack Uggs. It's really important to dress warmly for this event because you're definitely freeze your butt off if you don't!  Even though I wore multi-layered winter clothes, I was still cold!



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