17 December 2012

A Day in the Studio: Autumn Stephen Photography

Hi lovelies!

Hope you are all doing well! I'm back to blogging and I can't even begin to tell you how happy and relieved I am to have some 'me' time again! The last few weeks have been completely and utterly INSANE! Between finals, work, tons of projects, and trying to maintain a somewhat normal social life, I've found almost no time to dedicate to my blog.  Glad to be back though, and really excited to share what I've been up to with you all!

So let's jump right into it...

Behind the scenes photo taken in A. Stephen's studio

A few weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of working with my dear friend Autumn Stephen, who is perhaps one of the most driven and enthusiastic photographers I've ever met. Autumn, a 19 year old Professional Photography student at Dawson College, is passionate about her budding career. She tells me that "while she likes photographing everything, she is especially keen on photographing people." My experience shooting with her early on a Saturday morning is definitely one I'll remember for a long time!

Between her yelling "WORK IT!", "SHOW ME THAT SMIZE!" and her 'expert' weave skills,  it is undoubtedly Autumn's addicting personality that made her such a blast to work with! Being comfortable in front of the camera definitely isn't something that comes easy to most people and was certainly a challenge for me, so having someone behind it who made me feel so comfortable was definitely a bonus!

Above are a couple of photos from the shoot and below are just some extras that Alex took while we were shooting!




  1. Nice look!! Gorgeous! you're perfect always dear friend!

  2. looking good :) nice pics

  3. Wow)Sure the result of photoshoot will be outstanding!

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