28 November 2012

The UGG(ly) Dilemma! Help Needed!

Hi everyone!

This post isn't going to be one of my usuals. I thought it would be fun to get some of your opinions on an issue that I hold near and dear to my heart...

Ugg Boots. 

When I was fourteen, my parents shipped my brother and I off to Italy in the middle of the winter. Before leaving, I convinced my mom that I absoultely NEEDED to hop on the Ugg bandwagon, so she went ahead and bought me my very first pair of Chocolate Brown Ugg boots. Since then, I've had a love/hate relationship with them... but still, I can't seem to stop myself from spending hundreds of dollars on Ugg(ly) boots almost every year. 

This year I told myself that I wasn't going to fall into the same trap, but once again, I ended up with a brand new pair of Shanleigh waterproof Uggs

Here's the story...

Last weekend I went to Costco with my family, which was a rare but welcomed change, since we don't shop as a family very often. While my dad and brothers checked out the TV and tool sections, my mom and I walked straight to slipper/sock section so that we could buy some stuff that we don't really need. 

While I was looking at their collection of slippers, my mom caught my attention from down the isle and motioned for me to go over to see what she had found... QUICKLY. She had spotted three pairs of Ugg boots. The regular short ones in brown and black, and a more distinct pair in tan which featured cute braided detailing on the back. The brown and black pairs were both size 8, so those were already a no-go, but when I saw the tan ones, it was UGGlove at first sight... and they were a 7! My size! 

The Shaneigh Ugg boots regularly retail for CAD$335 +tx (which is a lot of friggen money for something that is only going to last you a season). I snatched them up for CAD$225 +tx at Costco... which seemed like a good deal.... at the time. 

I mean, they are UGGS!

Here's the dillema...

Uggs are, by no standard fashionable, nor do they last more than one season. The disgusting salt stains that appear by mid January seriously make me question if dropping close to THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS (or more!) on a pair of boots every single year is really worth it? I mean, they're an ugly pair of suede boots that somewhat resemble casts. 

Call me juvenile, but I just can't seem to get past how comfortable they are. At 21, I find myself having spent thousands of dollars on the notoriously famous Ugg Australia boots, and at the end of every season, I have absolutely nothing to show for myself... besides being out of a few hundred dollars. 

My question to you is: Is it time to hop off the moving UGG train, or is the comfort worth the splurge?




  1. I think is good to have one comfy boots, to slip on after wearing heels for while. we wanna be comfy and warm as well. Isn't it? ;)
    like that post


  2. Never tried them so can't help you with the dilemma :) but I find them really cute!!
    The Sweet Life

  3. Hi!

    Thank you for your lovely comment and following my blog :) Now I am following you back :) And I have to say, that I cant spend soo much money on the shoes. But last month I found something similiar as uggs - real sheepskin, bought in famous shoe shop - for 30€ only (99€ before), so if you try, you will find something similiar - comfortbale, warm ugly :D sheepskin shoes for less than 300 dollars :)

    Have a nice day and good luck with your blog :)


    Majka :)

  4. I personally like it for comfort and only comfort hence my UGGs are basically.. stained with water and dirt etc :) Not much of a fashion piece for me haha so I really only have one pair.. and probably won't repurchase it either but its definitely good to have to keep you warm!

    Re: DIY Rhinestone bracelet
    thanks for the follow! :) I'm a bit slow on the replying comments thing :P Did you get a chance to make your own bracelet?

    thanks for visited and followed!


  5. totally love UGG boots! they are sooooo lovely!! wanna stay in touch with Google/FB if you want :) Wld love to see u over at my blog!

  6. Hi Cuz,

    Shall I tease you and say I go past UGG Australia factory at least a couple of times a week. I have known this factory from the days when they were just a fluffy slipper. You would never walk out the house in them that's for sure. I think mum owns a pair, should take a photo of her wearing them in public. Now that would be a fashion statement for her generation.
    I cant believe what you are paying for them over in Canada. I should start taking orders and shipping. ha, ha.
    hugs and kisses Enza