24 November 2012

Is it time for your Goose?

As I sit on my bed, hot chocolate in hand, staring at the beautiful snowflakes falling right outside my window, I wonder... when is it the 'right' time to start wearing my winter parka?

I'll be honest and tell you that my parka came out about two weeks ago when Montreal started experiencing freezing temperatures. Quickly after taking it out, I realized that I might have been a bit ahead of the game... It hadn't even snowed yet! In fact, during the last couple of weeks, I've gone from wearing my goose down parka to wearing as little as a blazer. Talk about bi-polar weather!

Seeing people in their Canada Goose jackets in the middle of September certainly made me cringe and say (maybe a little bit too loudly!) 'IT'S TOO EARLY FOR YOUR GOOSE, BRO!', but with December right around the corner, I couldn't help but wonder if it's... time

I decided to do a bit of research on the subject and came up with some comical, yet somewhat true suggestions and answers to the big question. 

Allow your winter coat to exist from December 21st to March 21st. Winter is three months long. I'm not saying that you shouldn't dress warmly if the temperature drops. I'm saying that winter is three months long and we shouldn't give it any longer! "If you give it an inch... it will take a mile!" Throw all that BS about wearing your coat from December 1st to April 1st away. Why would you want to give winter an extra 30 days!?

"If you didn't allow winter to have these extra thirty days, it might not be so cavalier as to dump snow on your ass in November or blow freakishly cold winds in April. But it senses your weakness. It has seen you, year after year, frightened of its potential. It has seen you go into the depths of your closet, and pull out that down-filled, flannel-lined jacket, a jacket that has been dormant for only eight months and not nine, as it should have been. It has seen you wince with anticipation that the snow might come earlier this year than it has before. And when it knows you're ready - and it knows because of your willingness to consider that coat - that's when it attacks you."

 Do everything in your power to avoid the parka until you ABSOLUTELY must. Wear seven sweaters under your leather jacket if you have to. There's an almost certain chance that you'll be stuck in that puffy Goose for three full months. That's three months of wearing the same darn coat. Drag out wearing your fall coats as long as you possibly can!

 Have more than one coat. This one is important. If you live in a country that looks like a winter wonderland for more than three months a year, it's  important to own a warm jacket. At the same time, if your winter jacket is on the sporty side (like mine!) then you should probably invest in something a little more elegant. No one wants to be wearing a ski jacket over a party dress! Likewise, wearing a wool coat or a Mackage to go tubing or snowboarding isn't exactly appropriate either. Have at least one 'going out' jacket and one jacket that will really keep you warm. 

Parajumpers Longbear Parka
Free People Pants
Ugg(ly) boots

Finally, I'll leave you with a question from Grumble Magazine...

"Does freezing your ass off in a twenty below windstorm in November make you feel like the champion that you are? 

"If the answers is "yes," or even "maybe," or at a last resort "Leave me to enjoy my winter foolishness in peace," then I say you are the victor, and enjoy winter any way you see fit."


Sources: http://www.grumblemagazine.com/articles/thebigjew/winter.html


  1. This look is awesome.

    Love the styling! Everythig is so great!

    Many kisses, my dear ♥



    1. Thanks Nicole! These were taken on Christmas day last year! We get an unbelievable amount of snow here in Montreal... totally wish I lived somewhere hot!