05 October 2012

Still 16... Sometimes

Let's talk about this laptop bag:

When I was sixteen years old, I got my first job at a local bakery. Having a predisposed love for all things beautiful (I got it from my mama!), when I set eyes on this bold Juicy Couture laptop bag, I knew I had to have it. My parents would not submit to spending $200 on a case for me, so I saved up my very own money and bought it... for myself.

Well, let me tell you, I've had this darling for close to six years, and it's still in awesome shape. With time, I grew out of the designer labels stamped on all surfaces phase, and this bag is basically the only thing I have left from that crazy time. Still love it because it reminds me of my sweet teens, and 'cause it's cute... obviously. (I also sold a lot of baguettes for it!)

This quilted jacket is perfect for the early fall months because it's super cozy, warm enough to wear with a tee, and roomy enough to wear with a sweater underneath. I'm not going to lie, I've gotten away with wearing it in the middle of February, too. This preppy jacket is, once again, by Juicy Couture... I swear, I don't only own clothing made by Juicy and Free People (even though it certainly seems like it at times!)

I received these gorgeous boots as a gift while I was working for Hush Puppies Canada, and I adore them. These hand scratched, leather sole boots are part of the famous 1958 collection and retail for about $300CAD. Definitely worth the splurge because they're insanely comfortable, and have gorgeous detailing. I don't have pictures of the back of the boot, but I'll definitely post about them again - because the back is probably the most beautiful part! I know that they're available in both Montreal stores (Carrefour Laval & Fairview Pointe-Claire), but I haven't yet seen them online... they should be available soon!

Anyway, I'm off to start preparing for Thanksgiving weekend! Don't forget to 'like' allthingskma.com on Facebook and follow me on Twitter! The links are in the sidebar! 

Juicy Couture Quilted Jacket
J Brand Skinny Jeans in Ink
Hush Puppies Alcott Boots c/o Hush Puppies Canada
Juicy Couture Laptop Bag



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