20 September 2012

University Survival Guide

With my fall semester in full swing, I thought this would be the perfect time to put together a survival guide for fellow university students. 

At one point or another, we all find ourselves wanting to dig a deep hole to bury ourselves in. As a third year student, this feeling is definitely not something new to me. Instead of stressing though, I've learned to take a step back, reflect on what I have to do, apply a bit of lipgloss, and get to work!

Here are a few tricks I use to avoid spiralling downhill...

Plan ahead of time: So it's your first week of school, and you just received your course outlines! You realize that you have ten papers, five midterms, twelve pop quizzes, and five finals, all in the span of thirteen weeks. Do not panic. Buy an agenda. PLAN! Write in all of your important due dates. Give yourself allotted time slots for your studies. If you have five chapters to read per week, read one per day. Start papers in advance to avoid contemplating suicide the night before they're due. 

Find your quiet zone: For me, this is my university's library. Most schools have what's called the "Blue Zone" in their library. In these particular zones, there is no food or cellphones allowed. There's nothing more annoying than listening to someone crunch through a whole bag of chips while you're trying to study. Find a zone of complete silence where you can devote a few hours per day to readings. 

Make friends: Seriously, this is an important one. DO. NOT. BE. ANTISOCIAL. There are times when having a few friends in your classes comes in handy. You never know when you're going to come down with a bug and be unable to attend class. Having a friend to send you the class notes when you miss a lecture is key. It's also fun to form study groups with your peers before exams. Ask each other questions and figure out if you know your stuff, or not. 

Drink LOTS of water: During stressful times (like during mid-terms and finals) it's super important to stay hydrated. Often, when spending hours in the library, we forget to drink and eat. Always have a water bottle handy and put it in plain view so that you remember to drink. There's nothing worse than being dehydrated... and let me tell you, it takes it's tole on your skin! Drink up, keep your healthy glow!

Avoid wearing tons of makeup: Ladies, you ain't going to a nightclub. There's no reason to cake on heavy foundation when you're going to school. It's bad for your skin and causes breakouts. Save it for Friday & Saturday nights!

Dress smart, do your hair: Nothing makes me feel better than having my hair done and having a cute outfit on for school. Even if you're feeling a bit run down, you certainly don't have to look it! Take a few moments for yourself. Blow-dry your hair. Put on a bit of lipgloss. Spend a few extra minutes in the morning picking out a great outfit. I know no studies have proven this, but looking and feeling put together probably make you achieve higher goals (in all aspects of life). 

Sit in the front row, or close to it: It's a lot less distracting, and makes you look like a serious student (even if you're just pretending!).

Remember: University is going to be a pain in the butt if you let it be. Of course, you should study hard and aim to do well in all your classes, but you should also have fun! Get involved! Go to events organized by your school. If you aren't swamped with work, go out on weekends and go crazy! Spend time with friends and make tons of memories. We'll definitely cherish them in the future, when work, kids, and paying tons of bills set in!

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