15 September 2012

Spa Day: Thunder & Lightening Edition

What started out as a relatively warm and sunny day ended up turning into one of the scariest/craziest thunder and lightening storms I've ever seen. There was definitely no better place to be than the one and only Spa Finlandais in Rosemere, QC! 

I spent yesterday evening celebrating my cousin's 20th birthday at the Finish Spa with seven of her best girlfriends. Despite the insane weather, we had an awesome time!

The Finish Baths are world renowned for their ability to rid the body of toxins, and help with good circulation. The entire process includes three easy (and fun) steps. First, one must heat up their entire body by going into the stream room or sauna. Second is a quick dip in an arctic cold pool, or under the nordic waterfall. And third, relaxing in one of the many warm pools or by the fireplace.

The entire experience is super relaxing and incredibly fun if you're with a cool group of friends. Even though the baths were closed for part of our night, we were still able to enjoy the sauna and eucalyptus steam room. We ended up finding a somewhat secluded cabin with a fireplace in it, and were able to just chill out and catch up on our gossip! Since the spa has a silence policy, it was great to be able to find our very own room to be loud, wild MTL gals!

For this night of relaxation, I wore a cozy Lucky Brand cashmere sweater and loose Juicy Couture Sweats. There's nothing like soft loose fitting fabric against your skin after spending hours in saunas, steam rooms and pools! My trusty Longchamp Le Pliage was also great because of its waterproof lining, which easily allowed me to put my wet bathing suit and flip flops in it when I got changed.

As we watched the sky light up from our cabin, we talked about going back to the amazing baths in the winter! What fun it would to experience them in the freezing cold Canadian weather!

Happy Birthday Marisa!



Image & information source: http://www.spalefinlandais.com/

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