22 September 2012

Makeup Favourites

I'm a huge makeup counter junkie, and I like to think that over the years I've tested out enough products to know which ones are the best. The word Shoppers holds an entirely ridiculous level of importance in my world. Even though I'm not the type of girl to cake on tons of makeup daily, I still can't help myself when I walk into a Shoppers Drug Mart! I want... NEED everything. Seriously though, one time I was staying at my cousins in a small town just north of Toronto and there was a brand new Shoppers opening up right by their house. On the opening day, we basically spent HOURS in there trying to justify our need to have every single liquid eyeliner they had... To say I've tried my fair share of mascaras, liners, pressed powders, concealers, etc. would be an understatement...

Here's my list of heart stopping, life altering, must have in my life cosmetics...


Nars Oil Free Pro-Prime- I've tried primers from a number of different companies including smashbox, sephora, and M.A.C. I never really liked the feeling of them on my skin and didn't really see the point until I found this baby. It glides on smoothly and it feels super fresh and light. I'm not a liquid foundation kind of girl, so I normally just apply pressed powder on top of it to control shine. When I use Nars' Pro-Prime, my makeup basically stays flawless and even all day. Love it!

DiorSkin Forever Compact- This is the only compact I've ever come across that hasn't dried out my skin. It's very natural looking, goes on smooth, and offers good coverage that lasts all day. It basically makes you look flawless day to night. I've recommended this product to a bunch of my friends and they were almost all reluctant in buying it because it boasts a pretty hefty price tag for something that looks so small and cute. Don't kid yourself though! Even though the package looks deceptively small, there's a ton of product in there. A single compact usually lasts me six to seven months! Oh... and did I mention it's loaded with SPF 25? BONUS!

M.A.C. Studio Finish Concealer with SPF 35- I've been using this for ages. I'm blessed to have really clear skin, but every so often I get an annoying and super red zit on my chin or right in the middle of my forehead! This concealer offers super maximum coverage for those annoying buggers. The lady at M.A.C. told me that there's some kind of drying agent in the concealer that actually reduces the size of the blemish... I believe it. 


Logona Blush Duo in Rose 01- Logona is a company that I stumbled across while rummaging through M's makeup when I was a teenybopper. The company offers all natural products, and they're awesome! This blush duo is the perfect/cutest shade of pink. I don't know if it's just me, but I think it smells good too! Available here!

Soleil Tan de Chanel in 617 Terre Halee- Chanel products never disappoint, and this bronzer was no exception. It's very light and leaves just the right amount of glow. There's no J. Shore fake bake effect going on after using it, which is exactly what I always avoid in bronzers... no one likes looking orange...


Rouge Allure in 78 Instinctive by Chanel- I'm pretty sure this colour is discontinued, but for freckly brown haired (with a hint of red) gals like me, it's perfect! Chanel's line of Rouge Allure Lipstick is phenomenal, and the colour selection is to die for. 

Logona Lipgloss in Light Pink 02- None of that sticky nonsense. Gives just the right amount of flirty colour. Available here!

EOS Sweet Mint Lip Balm- I drove over 200 kilometers to get my hands on this sweet lip balm. Enough Said. I'm happy to report that it is now widely available in Sweet Mint all over Montreal and Toronto. What a relief...


Hypnose Drama Mascara by Lancome- Super dramatic, the name does it justice. My lashes look full, long, and luscious. This stuff is SO GOOD. 

Le Crayon Khol in Black Ebony by Lancome- Stays on forever. It's black eyeliner. 

Les 4 Ombres in 79 Spices by Chanel- These eye shadows are insanely beautiful and are perfect for any time of the day. I normally use the lighters ones during the day and apply the dark brown at night. Once again, Chanel has done me right. 




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