07 September 2012

Inside my Purse

Almost every blogger I follow has a what's in my purse post and I've always thought it was such a fun idea... So here's what's in mine! 

✔ My zippy wallet -For as long and I can remember I've been using zippy wallets. They're great because they fit tons of stuff, they're super organized, and I almost never lose anything.

✔ Face powder, blush, lipstick - I basically apply my face of makeup while I'm driving so I always have the basics in my bag. 

 Keys & gym membership 

 Seeing glasses - Need 'em to drive!


 EOS Lip Balm - The best ever. There was a time when you couldn't find the mint EOS balm anywhere in Montreal, so I drove to the states with my friends and bought a lifetime supply... 

✔ Blackberry Bold - The perfect phone for staying connected - worldwide. 


★ I normally carry a planner, too. I'm still waiting for my Lilly Pullitzer to arrive! Should be here any day now. In the winter, I also like to carry a little bottle of hand cream. 



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