09 September 2012

Gimmie Some Leg Already!

Having watched Disney's Aladdin a few too many times as a child, I developed a strange yet comforting love for flamingos. For one because they're pink, and second because Jasmine has an abundance of them at her palace - and all princesses (including myself) should have one flamingo at the very least...

When I spotted this Lilly Pulitzer planner on shoplitzyglam.com, it was love at first sight. I immediately purchased it and waited rather impatiently for it to get here for just a bit under two weeks.

Well let me tell you, when it finally arrived I ran down the stairs at top speed, dashed into the kitchen and did a bit of a victory dance when I saw the box waiting for me on the table. I opened it and discovered the most radiant planner I'd ever seen in my life. Pink flamingos, aqua blue background... PERFECTION. 

I'm quite difficult when it comes to picking a planner for the year, and I purchased this one rather blindly, since Glitzyglam only shows a picture of the cover, and not what's actually inside. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it and it had everything I look for in a planner and more! Not to mention, it's insanely adorable. 

My planner always has to have the year at a glance, the month at a glance (calendar style), as well as the week at a glance (Monday to Sunday). 

At the start of the agenda there's a two sided pocket followed by a page of stickers. Next, there's the story of Lilly, 2013/2014 at a glance, 17 months at a glance (August to December - calendar style). Then there's a section entitled "Dates to Celebrate" where one can write in birthdays and events. There's also a page dedicated to reasons for a party 2013. Following that, we have a section for phone numbers and addresses, and a section for random notes. 

At the start of every month, there's a tab with the month on it, a pretty greeting picture and quote (for September it's a martini glass). Then we have the month at a glance (for a second time), and each week at a glance. I especially love this agenda because it includes not one but two monthly calendars, which is useful for me because I use one of them for school related stuff, and the other for social engagements/work. 

The agenda has a very sturdy spiral binding, which doesn't look like it's going to come apart or get caught onto anything. This is especially good because no one likes an agenda that's falling apart... or snagged clothes! 

The Lilly Pulitzer Gimmie Some Leg agenda really is the crème de la crème of agendas, and I'm very happy with it so far. The price of $33 including shipping and handling is pretty fair considering there's a huge amount of detail in it, and it's very well made. For those of you interested in purchasing it, it's available here!

Lilly Pulitzer - Gimmie Some Leg Large Agenda




  1. I swear we have more in common than I would have thought! I have a Lilly Pulitzer agenda (In the See You Later print) which I purchased from the glitzy glam website. I have a blog (www.manaynay.com) where I also did a post on my agenda. Oh and your header where it says "A blog by Katherine Marie" Mine says "A blog by Megan Elizabeth Johnson" and its a very similar font. We're like twins :):)
    Love the blog by the way <3<3 You've just gained a subscriber, adding you to my google reader right after I publish this comment.

    1. Hi Meg!
      I'm going to check out your blog RIGHT NOW! AHH! Blog sistahs!
      Thanks for following!