29 September 2012

A Place Where Everyone Fits In...

Have you ever walked into a place where people are dressed to the nines, while others are wearing sweats and Crocs? A place where both young & old, working or unemployed, and students, unite over the love of a single Canadian icon? A zone where it is socially acceptable to show up dressed head to toe in velour and hang out at any hour of the day or night?

I'm sure that most Canadians can answer 'yes' to the above questions.

Tim Hortons is the most unpretentious coffee shop on the planet. Anyone can be a patron at Tim Hortons and feel that they 'fit in'. As I sit here writing this post, I'm listening to two women in their mid 70s talk about their first, second, and fifth husbands. To my right is a young couple dressed in black-tie attire, chatting discreetly over a cup of coffee. I'm trying to hear what they have to say, but can't catch a word! I'm here with my school friends, supposedly exchanging our notes from last class... which seems pointless because all we seem to be doing is going off topic with every new customer ordering Timbits or a double-double.... 

My tracksuit is the comfiest outfit for an uneventful, chilly Saturday night. It's made of plush velour; the track pants have a generous draw string that adjust for days when you need a little extra room (read - I ate one too many donuts)! The hoodie fits snug, while flattering a nice wasteline. The zipper reveals the brand with the infamous 'J' - just the right amount of 'flash'. Let me say this once only: I dislike designer clothes that scream the brand by stamping its name across the rear end or boob area! Very tacky!!

I don't normally wear a 'matching' tracksuit away from the comfort of my home... but here I am doing just that! A comment that a very close friend of mine once made, comes to mind, "you look like a forty-year old MILF"!!! What are your thoughts on 'the Juicy tracksuit'?

Juicy Couture Tracksuit
Aeries Tank
Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch
Pandora Charm Bracelet
Tiffany & Co. Ring
Necklace from Florence 



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  1. Great for a quick coffee run... but nothing more!