29 September 2012

A Place Where Everyone Fits In...

Have you ever walked into a place where people are dressed to the nines, while others are wearing sweats and Crocs? A place where both young & old, working or unemployed, and students, unite over the love of a single Canadian icon? A zone where it is socially acceptable to show up dressed head to toe in velour and hang out at any hour of the day or night?

I'm sure that most Canadians can answer 'yes' to the above questions.

Tim Hortons is the most unpretentious coffee shop on the planet. Anyone can be a patron at Tim Hortons and feel that they 'fit in'. As I sit here writing this post, I'm listening to two women in their mid 70s talk about their first, second, and fifth husbands. To my right is a young couple dressed in black-tie attire, chatting discreetly over a cup of coffee. I'm trying to hear what they have to say, but can't catch a word! I'm here with my school friends, supposedly exchanging our notes from last class... which seems pointless because all we seem to be doing is going off topic with every new customer ordering Timbits or a double-double.... 

26 September 2012

Autumn Things : Top 4 Foodie Faves

With the start of fall comes the desire to indulge in some of Montreal's most comforting foods. If you're  a huge foodie like me, and are living in or visiting the Montreal area, then you'll definitely want to check out these four YUM worthy spots!

1. One of my favourite things to do in the fall is to walk through different markets in the city. The Jean Talon Market and the Atwater Market are two in particular that I really enjoy. With the pumpkins out, and the fruits extra ripe, you have access to the absolute best local produce that Montreal has to offer. 

22 September 2012

Makeup Favourites

I'm a huge makeup counter junkie, and I like to think that over the years I've tested out enough products to know which ones are the best. The word Shoppers holds an entirely ridiculous level of importance in my world. Even though I'm not the type of girl to cake on tons of makeup daily, I still can't help myself when I walk into a Shoppers Drug Mart! I want... NEED everything. Seriously though, one time I was staying at my cousins in a small town just north of Toronto and there was a brand new Shoppers opening up right by their house. On the opening day, we basically spent HOURS in there trying to justify our need to have every single liquid eyeliner they had... To say I've tried my fair share of mascaras, liners, pressed powders, concealers, etc. would be an understatement...

Here's my list of heart stopping, life altering, must have in my life cosmetics...

20 September 2012

University Survival Guide

With my fall semester in full swing, I thought this would be the perfect time to put together a survival guide for fellow university students. 

At one point or another, we all find ourselves wanting to dig a deep hole to bury ourselves in. As a third year student, this feeling is definitely not something new to me. Instead of stressing though, I've learned to take a step back, reflect on what I have to do, apply a bit of lipgloss, and get to work!

Here are a few tricks I use to avoid spiralling downhill...

19 September 2012

Transitioning Into Fall

For me, fall is all about finding those key transition pieces that can take you from season to season, effortlessly. Layering a cozy knit on top of a cute dress is probably my favorite way to achieve the "it's not quite summer, but not yet fall" look. A chunky knit on top of a breezy dress is the perfect way to stay warm, but not too warm, as the season changes. 

18 September 2012

You had a bad day, the camera don't lie...

Ever have one of those days where there's nothing you want more than to stay in your bed all day and watch reruns of your favorite TV show?

Well, today was one of those days for me...

I woke up with my mind set on skipping my morning class and chilling out at home watching Private Practice. Instead, I got my butt out of bed and headed to the city to attend my lecture. I mindlessly got dressed and basically ran out the door so that I wouldn't be late. Little did I know, my day was about to get WAY worse. 

15 September 2012

Spa Day: Thunder & Lightening Edition

What started out as a relatively warm and sunny day ended up turning into one of the scariest/craziest thunder and lightening storms I've ever seen. There was definitely no better place to be than the one and only Spa Finlandais in Rosemere, QC! 

I spent yesterday evening celebrating my cousin's 20th birthday at the Finish Spa with seven of her best girlfriends. Despite the insane weather, we had an awesome time!

11 September 2012

Ponchos are for Lovers

Yesterday was a beyond crazy day in the world of K.M.A. Since I had three three hour classes in a row, and no breaks in between, it was more than necessary to be extra comfy in order to endure nine consecutive hours of class. I decided I was going to be a bit of a hippy and put on a cool poncho style sweater and headed off to school. 

I regularly shop in the Free People section at The Bay, and love picking out pieces that I wouldn't normally buy. This sweater is a prime example of something that is far from my regular style, but turned out to be one of the best (and most different) pieces in my closet. 

09 September 2012

Gimmie Some Leg Already!

Having watched Disney's Aladdin a few too many times as a child, I developed a strange yet comforting love for flamingos. For one because they're pink, and second because Jasmine has an abundance of them at her palace - and all princesses (including myself) should have one flamingo at the very least...

When I spotted this Lilly Pulitzer planner on shoplitzyglam.com, it was love at first sight. I immediately purchased it and waited rather impatiently for it to get here for just a bit under two weeks.

08 September 2012

Christmas in September

Even though summer is still a few weeks from over, I was feeling sort of wintery when I woke up yesterday morning, so I threw on the most festive pieces I own and called it a day! There are days when all you want to do is put on what makes you feel good - and just don't give a $#!+ if you're in season... or way out of it!

07 September 2012

Inside my Purse

Almost every blogger I follow has a what's in my purse post and I've always thought it was such a fun idea... So here's what's in mine! 

04 September 2012

Montreal Fashion Week: Tavan & Mitto

This evening I had the opportunity to participate in Montreal Fashion week, and it was definitely an experience worth blogging about! With just barely enough sleep (and a serious case of jet lag), I headed downtown to the Arsenal gallery, where fashion week events are currently taking place. 

(Photo courtesy of Rowenta Intelligent Beauty - with my evil stepsister Eleni!)

02 September 2012


After two and a half months of travelling, I'm finally on my way back home to Montreal. I can't even begin to explain what an unbelievable experience this has been. During my time away, I saw places that I could never have imagined, even in my wildest dreams. I learned the language of my ancestors and got to explore their beautiful lands. I met some incredible people and developed friendships that I'm sure will last a lifetime. 

As sad as I am to leave this gorgeous country, I'm excited to be going home, too. In a few short hours I'll be in my home surrounded by my family, who I've missed dearly! I guess I can say that leaving paradise really is bittersweet. 

See you on the flip side!



01 September 2012

Even the Sun Sets in Paradise

As I'm writing this post, I'm sitting in my grandmother's kitchen watching her and my mom fry grispelli, an Italian recipe, which has been around for centuries. It's thundering and pouring rain out and being in this tiny kitchen surrounded by my family who are talking (a little too loudly) and laughing, really is the only place in the world I want to be. It's such a beautiful sound. 

Today is my last real day of vacation before I have to pack up and head home, so these are the last set of beach pictures you'll be seeing for a little while...