25 August 2012

I'm looking forward to...

Gimmie Some Leg, Lilly Pulitzer Agenda
1. GOING HOME! After being away for over two months, I'm ready to go home.  Being in Europe all summer has been an amazing experience, but home is home. And I miss it.

2. Seeing my dad and brothers. Haven't seen my main men in months, so this one is high on my list...

3. Using my newly purchased Lilly Pulitzer agenda! I ordered it online this morning, and I can't wait to see what all the fuss is about! Apparently these things are amazing.

4. Starting school! Since it's my last year of university, I had first pick of the classes I wanted, and I sure picked some awesome ones! All business, of course. So excited to only have two days of class per week!

My baby brother, Vic.

5. Going school supply shopping. My absolute favorite type of shopping.

6. Montreal fashion week! I'm going to the Tavan and Mitto show!

7. FROSH WEEK. I didn't get to do this during my first year of university because I was away on vacation, so I'm participating in frosh events with my friends in my final year... go figure.

8. American coffee. Because espresso is the only type of coffee in the world... in Italy.

9. Autumn. There's nothing I love more than sweaters.

10. SEPTEMBER 27TH, 2012. The return of my beloved Grey's Anatomy. Obsessed.



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