29 August 2012

Here's the thing...

As I packed my beach bag this morning, I thought today would be the perfect day to share my favorite Sonia Rykiel strawberry pants on the blog. I put them in my beach bag with a free people lace bandeau and off I went to the beach. 

Here's the thing...

When I was just about ready to head home, I decided to change into my strawberry pants and bandeau and snap a few pictures. As I took out my lacy bandeau, I realized I grabbed a pair of black lace underwear by mistake! So I had nothing to wear on top of my pants...

As a result, my post today is all about my Tommy Hilfiger jumper and my new Kiko Purple nail polish! I picked up this jumper during Tommy's huge annual sale and I've been wearing it religiously all summer. It's perfect for the beach because it's so easy to slip on and off, and I don't have to worry about bringing more than one piece of clothing.

I discovered Kiko Cosmetics yesterday during a trip to the mall with my cousins. I picked up two nail polishes, a purple one and a vibrant blue. I love it because it dries super quickly and you don't get those annoying fingerprints in it if you don't let it dry for like three hours.

Tommy Hilfiger Jumper
Prada Sunnies
Aeries Bandeau Bikini Top
Pandora Charm Bracelet



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