24 August 2012

Event Shoes

The Corso Giovanni Nicotera has always been the happening place in Lamezia even though commercial shopping malls are on the rise. Event Shoes is a pint-sized shoe store positioned next to big names like Furla, Bertucci, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, and Cavalli retailers, among others. What makes these shoes extra special is not only the design but also the workmanship. Better still is the made in Italy engraving on the leather soles. 

I went into this store with my eye set on the black suede pumps and came out with four pairs. The prices are competitive given the craftsmanship, friendly service, and selection. Prices range anywhere from 110 to 200 Euro. Sonia and Vanessa, the store owners, proudly boast that their collection is designed for Miss Italia pageant contestants. 

I was pleasantly surprised by Event Shoes' store owners when they asked if I would be interested in spending a few hours at the store with them next week. I'll be posting from their location in the next few days and showing off some of their other collection. Stay tuned!

All four pairs that I bought are classic designs that can be worn in all seasons. Upon my return to Montreal, I am sure that they'll come in handy for business and pleasure related events. For those of you who are interested in these shoes but don't see yourself travelling to southern Italy, you could call Event Shoes or find them on Facebook, and Sonia or Vanessa will more than happily assist you with your shopping needs.

Their address is C.so Giovanni Nicotera, 21, Lamezia Terme, CZ, Italia
Cell 366.7437123




  1. i am really loving the pointed toe black pumps. very trendy for the fall months.