22 August 2012

Burberry & Balenciaga

I picked up these two babies during my stay in Florence last month. I went to a Balenciaga screening during Montreal fashion week last year, and since then I've been dying to get my hands on one of his pieces. I was thrilled to make my very first Balenciaga purchase, a grey waxed denim jacket. I was equally excited about my Burberry dress, because, well, it's Burberry. Enough said.

I adore the ruffled detailing on the burberry dress and the classic print. To tell you the truth, I bought this dress with the intention of wearing it somewhere up north nuzzled up in front of a fireplace. I also thought that it would be the perfect dress for Christmas morning! Looking SO forward to wearing it!

(Burberry Britt Dress)
The Balanciaga waxed denim jacket is a really versatile piece that could basically be worn in all seasons. I love the bad ass bomber cut it has to it, and can picture myself wearing it with black skinnies and black leather boots this fall. 

(Balenciaga Waxed Denim Jacket)



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