18 August 2012

Arm Candy

I'd never really been a huge fan of accessorizing until I got my Pandora bracelet about two years ago. Since then, I've gradually adapted to the idea of having bracelets on my arms more than often. Since I've been in Italy, it seems that every new place I go I'm tempted to buy either a charm for my Pandora or a new bracelet all together. 

The starfish and the hanging fleur de lis are representative of my time spent in Florence and on the Island of Elba. The black flowery bracelet is actually made of cashmere and is sold in various colours. Apparently they're all the rage here in Europe this summer. In fact, I ended up with this bracelet because the saleswoman at one of the stores near the Ponte Vecchio would not let me leave without one! I'm desperately trying to remember the name of the designer but It's just not coming to me. I'll be back with it when/if I remember! The Juicy Couture gold and black bracelet was a gift from my mom. She surprised me with it when she met me in Rome! 

I could go on about my conflicting feelings about mixing gold and silver for hours but I won't. Yet. Instead, I'll list the different charms I have on my bracelet and tell you who got them for me/why they're important.

Murano Glass Red Ladybug Charm (available here) - A gift from my fairy godmother (Zizi) who since I was a little girl has decked me out in all things ladybug. Love her like crazy!
Cubic Zirconia Silver Charm (available here) - A gift from my sister/cousin/bff Mary. Last time I was in Toronto she got us these pretty matching charms for both our bracelets. 
Fleur De Lis Hanging Charm (Purchased on the Ponte Vecchio at a store that carries Pandora, not available onlineSymbolic of the month I spent in the magical city of Firenze.
Starfish Charm (Purchased at La Rinascente, not available online) - Symbolic of the time I spent on Isola d'Elba.
Other Random Silver charms (available hereand (here) - Space fillers - just because they're pretty!
Blue Bead - About 10 years ago I was in a jewellery store with my mom when I saw this blue bead in the display case. The man working at the store told me the meaning of the bead and gifted it to me. I've been wearing it ever since (either on my chain or bracelet). Can't seem to leave home without it!



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