08 July 2012

That time we didn't see Verona...

After five hours of sleep, three hours on the side of a highway, eight hours on a bus and one hundred euro spent - I am very pleased to report that I did not see Verona. 

My friends and I booked this fabulous day trip with a Florence based travel agency called Florence for Fun. We were scheduled to leave the city at 2pm. Instead, we spent "one hour" on the side of a highway roasting in the sun (and by one hour I mean three). We were finally back on the road at 5pm and arrived in Verona at 8:15. We walked the streets for a whole 45 minutes (did I mention everything was closed?) before we had to rush off to the opera which was mediocre at best due to our phenomenal (upgraded?!) seats. We hit the road again at 1:45 am and arrived back home around 7. Who knew the highways were closed?!

All this to say I am extremely disappointed in our "day trip" to Verona and look forward to getting a full refund tomorrow.

At least we took a few good pictures. 



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