30 June 2012

Firenze - Safe & Sound!

After two long flights and a crazy hour in Frankfurt, we made it to Florence safe and sound! Our hotel is situated in the heart of the city just feet away from the Duomo. We can basically touch it from our window! Made a quick stop at a local restaurant for a pizza and sangria. As I'm writing this, I'm sitting at my window listening to a live opera perform right outside our hotel! I look so forward to spending the next month in this amazing city!

07 June 2012


Before I begin on my rant about 'things', I'd like to first introduce myself. My name is Katherine-Marie. I'm twenty-one years old and I was born and raised in beautiful Montreal. I am currently in my final year of university and I'm very excited to be spending my summer studying in Florence, Italy! In the coming months, I will be posting about travel, fashion, art, history, beauty - and basically all things K.M.A.

Stay tuned!